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If you are looking for high-quality components for your PC system, you should definitely take a look at the range from electronics manufacturer ASUS. The Taiwanese company ASUS Computer Inc., based in Taipei, is behind the ASUS brand. In 2019, it generated sales of around 11 billion US dollars with more than 5,600 employees. In the PC sector, ASUS is primarily known for its first-class range of laptops and components such as graphics cards and mainboards known. Here, ASUS covers a very wide range with inexpensive entry-level models through to components for real PC enthusiasts. While the entry-level models shine with a very good price-performance ratio, the high-end devices with the abbreviation ROG (Republic Of Gamers) convince with uncompromising performance in all situations.

The portfolio includes mainboards, graphics cards, optical drives, LCD displays, desktop PCs, Eee Box and all-in-one PCs, notebooks, netbooks, tablets, servers, multimedia, wireless products, network components and mobile phones.

ASUS focuses on innovation and high product quality. In 2011, ASUS won 3,886 awards worldwide and most recently, it has been recognized for revolutionizing the computing industry with the development of the Eee PC™. With more than 11,000 employees worldwide and a world-class R&D department of 3,100 engineers, the company generated sales of US$11.9 billion in 2011.

ASUS Pakistan

At Pacific Computers by ASUS Pakistan you will find ultra-strong ASUS gaming motherboards, gaming monitors, graphics cards, routers, mice, keyboards, headsets and mouse pads . If you would like to have ASUS PC components installed in your gaming PC , then our Powered by ASUS desktop PCs are of interest to you. One thing is certain: With these gaming products from ASUS you are well prepared for your games.

ASUS – Where to buy In Pakistan

There are many stores in Pakistan online and offline which are selling the ASUS products. The problem is that its very difficult to find the genuine ASUS products. Some sellers claim to be official ASUS channel partner but they may not be as they claim. If you want to buy the genuine ASUS products with official warranty then you can buy from Pacific Computers which is ASUS channel partner in Pakistan.

ASUS Official Store In Pakistan

ASUS the leading IT company has many stores worldwide. If you are searching the ASUS Official Store in Pakistan then you will find Pacific Computers online store in Pakistan which has a wide variety of ASUS products online and on ground outlet in Hafeez Centre Lahore Pakistan.

ASUS Distributor In Pakistan

The ASUS company has many authorized distributors and resellers across the world. These distributors are the channel partner of ASUS company in their respective countries. For Pakistan the ASUS company has nominated the Pacific Computers as official channel partner for ASUS products distribution.

ASUS products at a glance

ASUS the well-known computer products manufacturing company produces state of the art IT products .

The huge range of the Taiwanese group includes notebooks, desktop PCs, monitors, smartphones, routers, mice, keyboards and headsets. Not to forget a variety of PC components such as graphics cards, mainboards, cases, water cooling and the computer power supplies presented here.

In this article we will briefly discuss some ASUS products which you should consider before assembling your computer.

ASUS monitors – computer screens for every application

Many ASUS products hide behind other brand names such as Medion, Dell or even Apple. ASUS is also well represented in the field of monitors and ,  in addition to the normal monitors for office and image processing , even offers its own series especially for gamers with ROG (Republic of Gamers) . With the ROG monitors, the idiosyncratic design and the extremely short response time of 1 millisecond are noticeable, which in hectic games ensures a pleasant game flow and a  minimized input lag
cares. Therefore, monitors and also laptops from the ROG series are very popular among gamers.
You can find out what else Asus monitors have to offer in our buying guide and the list of the best.

Graphics cards – From efficient office use to strong gaming power

Did you know that ASUS is the largest graphics card supplier on the market with over 200 different models? This sets the Taiwanese manufacturer apart from its competitors and offers you a very large range, starting with economical cards for office applications through to high-performance cards for the highest demands such as gaming or rendering. In contrast to some other manufacturers, ASUS does not only focus on one chip supplier, but sells its cards with chips (GPUs) from both AMD and NVidia. But ASUS not only has the right product for almost every requirement in terms of performance, but also in terms of cooling concept and appearance. There are some very efficient cards that can also be bought with a passive cooling concept that completely does without fans, whereby the card performs its service almost completely silently. Devices with higher performance (and thus higher power consumption) are equipped with an active air cooler with up to three fans. The most powerful variant of a model series can be recognized by the suffix Strix. As ASUS wholesale, we have many different graphics accelerators in our range, please feel free to contact us.

ASUS ROG and ASUS TUF: products for gamers

ASUS is established with two series in the gaming sector with the Republic of Gamers (ROG) and The Ultimate Force (TUF). Both include high-quality products such as gaming notebooks or PC accessories . The ROG series in particular is very popular with gamers. TUF Gaming Laptops have been created for demanding beginners and the middle price segment. This means that ASUS notebooks have something for every gaming level. 

Motherboards – Solid basic structure with smart extras

The motherboard is a fundamental component of every PC and forms the skeleton of the system, so to speak, which connects all components with one another and, in addition to physical stability, ensures the system’s data and energy transmission. As with the GPUs, ASUS not only supports one processor manufacturer, but also offers motherboards for all common processors from Intel and AMD. Different form factors from the small-format Mini-ITX for very small PC systems to E-ATX boards for voluminous high towers and a wide variety of chipsets allow ASUS motherboards to be used in almost all system environments. In addition, many devices are characterized by the support of the latest technologies such as PCIe 4.0, USB-C 3.2, WLAN modules and M.2 interfaces.

ASUS Power Supply

Computer power supplies for demanding gamers and enthusiasts

With its ASUS power supplies, the renowned Taiwanese manufacturer is expanding its wide range of products with high-quality, high-performance power supply units for PC gamers and hardware enthusiasts . Said brands from ASUS, which are used for the stable, efficient and quiet power supply of high-performance systems, are part of different series. For more information on ASUS and the ASUS power supplies featured here, see below.

ASUS Power Supplies – TUF Gaming

The ASUS power supplies of the TUF gaming series were developed for casual gamers and are intended to supply the high-performance components of gaming PCs with the power they need. The form factor ATX power supplies use components that meet military specifications . Thanks to the 80 PLUS Bronze certification, users also benefit from good efficiency. Inside there is an Axial-Tech fan with a double ball bearing design and promises a longer total runtime compared to other fan types. Silent fans will also get their money’s worth with the models from the TUF Gaming series. This is ensured by the so-called 0dB technology, which is accompanied by low noise development. The electricity suppliers of the Taiwanese also impress with an attractive external appearance. The chic look of the ASUS power supplies also continues with regard to their cables with high-quality sheathing. However, there is no need for cable management here. The cables cannot be disconnected from certain or even all connections, as is the case with partially or fully modular devices. You can choose from the TUF gaming devices with an output of 450, 550, 650 and 750 watts .

ASUS power supplies – ROG

The noble STRIX or THOR models belong to the Republic of Gamers (ROG) series . These stand for a combination of premium components as well as outstanding cooling and top efficiency . The top-equipped, high-performance power supplies have been developed to best meet the requirements of demanding gamers and enthusiasts . ASUS ROG series power supplies ensure optimal power supply in combination with impressive efficiency (80 PLUS Gold / Platinum certification) and work ultra-quietly even under full load. ASUS power supplies from the ROG series, such as the STRIX and THOR models, not only impress in terms of performance, but also in terms of appearance and are almost predestined for use in modern gaming systems . For example, the 80 Plus Platinum certified ROG THOR features Aura Sync RGB lighting for customization options. Furthermore, this ASUS power supply comes with an integrated OLED information display, which informs users, for example, about the current power consumption. In addition to OLED display , RGB lighting, IP5X wing blade fans and ROG heat sink design, ASUS power supplies such as the THOR model of the ROG series are also characterized by full modularity or sheathed cables and much more. These power supplies are available from ASUS with 550, 650, 750, 850, 1000, 1200 and 1600 watts.

Discover our extensive hardware category now and order your new ASUS power supply from series such as TUF Gaming or ROG at an attractive price.

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